Maleated Rosin
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  • Maleated RosinMaleated Rosin
  • Maleated RosinMaleated Rosin
  • Maleated RosinMaleated Rosin
  • Maleated RosinMaleated Rosin

Maleated Rosin

Buy Hot Maleated Rosin made in China. Harvest Enterprise is Maleated Rosin manufacturer and supplier in China.
1.For offset printing ink (phenol free )
2.For Gravure inks(carton package )
3.For alcohol-based inks
4.For Adhesive
5.For Road Marking Paint

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Product Description

Harvest Enterprise is a leading China Maleated Rosin manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Adhering to the pursuit of perfect quality of products, so that our Maleated Rosin have been satisfied by many customers.


Maleated Rosin, also known as fuma rosin, is produced primarily from rosin, unsaturated polyacids through a series of polymerization, stabilization and decolorization processes. It has high melting point, good water stability, easy to dissolve in ester, alcohol, alcohol ether and amine water. Maleated Rosin is effective in improving pigment coloration, gloss and dispersion when applied to pigments.

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Maleated Rosin and Fumarated Rosin are widely used in the following industry.

1. Paint industry

It is a raw material in the paint industry and is widely used in the production of desiccants, softeners and artificial drying oils. Resin such as rosin reacts with calcium oxide to finally form calcified rosin, which is used to improve the hardness and water resistance of the paint film in the coating industry. Rosin can make the paint color more vivid, dry quickly, and the paint film is smooth and not easy to fall off.

2. Soap industry

Boiled with caustic soda to form rosin soap. It has the characteristics of softness, strong anti-fouling ability, easy to dissolve in water, easy to foam and easy to dissolve in oil. Therefore, rosin resin is widely used in the soap industry.

3. Paper industry

Usually, it is used in the process of paper gluing. The ink easily penetrates the tissue paper and it does not disperse the varnish better. Generally, in the paper industry, acceptable qualified rosin resins are from Leval N to F grade. Since the paper has different grades and categories, the quantity is different. Usually, the average quantity is 10 kg rosin per ton of paper.

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Main Data


Color (Gardner,50% in benzene solution)

Acid Number (mgKOH/g)

Softening Point (R&B,℃)













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Safety Precaution

Wear gloves, safety glasses and safety shoes when using. In case of eye contact, flush it immediately; in case of skin contact, clean it.


25kg kraft paper bags;1MT jumbo bags.

Handling & Storage

Handling: Keep away from fire and heat source. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the workplace. Lightly loaded and lightly discharge. The workplace should prepare fire equipment.

Storage: It is should be stored in a cool ventilated place, far away from Fire, far away from the heat source. It is forbidden to use the tool or equipment which easy to spark.

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