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Effect and benefit of inoculant for ferrosilicon granules


Effect and benefit of inoculant for ferrosilicon granules

Ferrosilicon grain inoculant is an alloy additive that breaks ferrosilicon into a certain proportion of small pieces and filters through a certain mesh number of screen leaks, which is used in steelmaking, ironmaking and casting. The high-quality inoculant of ferrosilicon has uniform particle size and good inoculation effect during casting, which can promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite, and is a necessary metallurgical material for the production of ductile iron, and its mechanical properties reach or are close to the mechanical properties of steel.

Characteristics of ferrosilicon inoculant:

1, the composition of iron silicon particles is uniform, small segregation;

2, iron silicon particle size uniform, no fine powder, stable inoculation effect;

3, the inoculation effect of ferrosilicon particles is stronger than ordinary ferrosilicon, and the tendency to produce slag is small;

4, extend mold life, reduce surface defects;

5, reduce the pinhole, improve the surface quality of the cast pipe, improve the pass rate of one inspection;

6, eliminate microporosity, improve the machining performance of castings.

The specific use of ferrosilicon inoculant:

1. It can be effectively deoxidized during steelmaking.

2. Greatly reduce the time of steel deoxidation to save energy waste and manpower;

3. It has the effect of promoting the precipitation and spheroidization of nodular cast iron graphite.

4. Ferrosilicon inoculant can be used instead of expensive inoculant and nodulating agent.

5. Ferrosilicon inoculant can effectively reduce the smelting cost and improve the efficiency of manufacturers.

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