Carbon Black

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Carbon Black is mainly used as a reinforced agent and filler for rubber. Its consumption is about half of the rubber consumption. The rubber uses carbon black to account for 94%of the total carbon black, of which about 60%are used for tire manufacturing. In addition, it is also used as an ultraviolet light shielder of ink, coatings and plastic, as well as plastic products. It is also an important assistant in many other products, such as electrodes, dry batteries, resistors, explosives, cosmetics and polishing cream.

Carbon Black is mainly used for rubber products. The thinner the particle size of the carbon black, the better its reinforcement performance; the higher the structure of the carbon black, the higher the stress and modular amount of the fixed extension. The reinforcement varieties of fine particle size are mainly used for tire tires, giving tires a good wear resistance. Other parts of the tires, such as the side of the tire, the curtain, the buffer layer, and the lining layer. The semi -replenishment type (below 40m2/g) furnace is black.

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  • Wholesale low price Rubber Carbon Black made in China. Harvest Enterprise is Rubber Carbon Black manufacturer and supplier in China. Our factory is an AAA Grade Credit Enterprise.Also our Rubber Carbon Black N220,N219,N234,N330,N326,N339,N550,N539,N660 are identified by our a famous products in china.Also honored as the contract and keeping promises business model

  • Factory Directly Supply Quality Pigment Carbon Black made in China. Harvest Enterprise is Pigment Carbon Black manufacturer and supplier in China. Pigment Carbon Black are called Color Black or pigment black which are widely used for coloring pigments in inks, paints, coatings, plastics and other products. According to the coloring intensity (or blackness) and particle size, it is generally divided into four types: high-pigment carbon black, medium-pigment carbon black, ordinary-pigment carbon black and low-pigment carbon black.

  • High quality Carbon Black N990 made in China. Harvest Enterprise is Carbon Black N990 manufacturer and supplier in China. Carbon Black N880 own the largest particle size among all varieties of carbon black with high filling amount, good elasticity of rubber compound, permanent non-deformability, suitable for rubber products such as automobiles and machine tools

  • Hot sale quality Carbon Black N880 with Low Price made in China. Harvest Enterprise is Carbon Black N880 manufacturer and supplier in China. Thermal Cracking carbon black is the most commonly used as reinforcing filler in the rubber industry. Generally 90%-95% quality are widely used in the rubber industry.Its consumption is about 40%-50% the total rubber consumption.

  • Hot Selling Low Price Carbon Black N770. Harvest Enterprise is Carbon Black N770 manufacturer and supplier in China. Generally the carbon black N770 series are semi-reinforced carbon black including carbon blackN770,carbon blackN774,carbon blackN772,carbon blackN762,carbon blackN787 and carbon blackN754.

  • Hot Sale China Carbon Black N660 Free Sample Manufacturers and Suppliers. Harvest Enterprise is Carbon Black N660 manufacturer and supplier in China. CarbonBlack N660 is suitable for all kinds of rubber. Compared with semi-reinforced carbon black, it has a higher structure, finer particles, easy to disperse in the rubber compound.

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