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About Us

Harvest Enterprise is an Group company, We have our own head office “ChangZhi Harvest Enterprise Co.,Ltd” located in Shanxi province, ChangZhi Ciry. Also have branch office in ShangHai called “ShangHai Sino Calcium Metal Alloy Co.,Ltd”We own our Calcium Metal factory called Lucheng Met-Leder Co.,Ltd . We are professional produce High purity Calcium Metal, The quality can be reach 99.99% ,annual out put is 1500MT Per year, all kinds of Calcium Alloy such as Ca-Al Alloy, CaMg Alloy,SiCa Alloy etc Annual out put is about 3000MT per year. and Cored Wire, annual out put is about 20000MT per year. Our carbon Black factory are professional for all kinds of Rubber carbon black and pigment carbon Black. There are four production line in our factory, the annual out put is about 30000MT per year. Our products are exported to more than 30 contries We also can supply Petroleum resin ,Rosin Resin and Glass Bead. Our company aim is to supply the most professional products to the most suitable products. There are professional marketing department and technical department can recommend the most competitive products to you. Choose us, you can get the most professional service and most cost-effective products.
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