Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5
  • Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5
  • Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5
  • Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5
  • Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5
  • Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5

Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5

Harvest Enterprise as one of the professional China Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5 manufacturers and China Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5 factory, we are strong strength and complete management. Also, we have own exporting license. Sodium Diacetate can be used as antiseptic, nutritional seasoning agent or disinfectant. It promotes the utilization of protein in feed.


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Product Description

Hot Sale China Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5 Free Sample Manufacturers and Suppliers. Harvest Enterprise is Sodium Diacetate CAS 126-96-5 manufacturer and supplier in China.

Part One: Product Introduction

Sodium diacetate(CAS: 126-96-5 ) with the trade name Vita-crop (Vita-crop), is a new type of food and feed antifungal agent, sour agent and improver with stable properties and low price. It is designated as a safe substance by the US Food and Drug Administration. It has the functions of high-efficiency anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, fresh-keeping, improving palatability, increasing nutritional value and promoting growth. Sodium diacetate(CAS: 126-96-5 )is now widely used in animal feed.

Part Two: Basic Information

1. Chemical Name: Sodium Diacetate;Sodium Hydrogen di(acetate)

2. Molecular Formula: C4H7O4Na

3. Molecular Weight: 142.09

4. CAS: 126-96-5

5.The Upper Raw Material:Glacial acetic acid, soda ash, acetic acid, sodium acetate, sodium carbonate

china Sodium Diacetate

Part Three: Specification



Free acetic acid, w/%


Sodium acetate, w/%


Moisture ,w/% ≤


PH value(100g/L solution,25℃)


Readily oxidizable substance,w/% ≤


Lead(Pb),mg/kg ≤


Part Four: Usage 

1.Feed Additive: Adding 0.1-0.2% 1-2 kg/ton SDA to feed can effectively prevent feed mildew and extend the storage period of feed for 1-2 months; adding 0.1-0.3% SDA to compound feed can make feed antiseptic and fresh 3- 5 months.

2. Nutritional Regulator: Adding 0.05-0.2% SDA to the pellet compound feed can increase the protein utilization rate in the feed by 11%, fish weight gain by more than 10%, and piglet weight gain by 6-8%. It can be effectively added to the milk compound feed in an appropriate amount. Increase milk protein content of cows.

3. Disinfectant: Adding 0.1-0.2% SDA to aquatic feed can effectively prevent and control fish diseases caused by homologous microorganisms, and can be used as a fish pond clarification and disinfectant; adding 0.05-0.3% SDA to poultry feed can prevent chickens Pull diarrhea, and increase the survival rate of brooding period by more than 10%.

4. Used in Weaning Piglet Feed: The addition of 0.3% Sodium Diacetate in the feed increased the daily gain of weaned piglets by 10.8% compared with no addition. The difference was significant; it had a significant impact on the daily feed intake of weaned piglets. The addition of it can significantly increase the feed conversion rate of weaned piglets (an increase of 10.5%). It may improve the utilization of feed nitrogen and energy.

Part Five: Packing

1. 25kg kraft paper bags.

2. As per customers' requirement.

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