Anti-slip Aggregate Ceramic
  • Anti-slip Aggregate CeramicAnti-slip Aggregate Ceramic
  • Anti-slip Aggregate CeramicAnti-slip Aggregate Ceramic
  • Anti-slip Aggregate CeramicAnti-slip Aggregate Ceramic
  • Anti-slip Aggregate CeramicAnti-slip Aggregate Ceramic
  • Anti-slip Aggregate CeramicAnti-slip Aggregate Ceramic

Anti-slip Aggregate Ceramic

High quality Anti-slip Aggregate Ceramic is offered by China manufacturer Harvest Enterprise. Buy Anti-slip Aggregate Ceramic which is of high quality directly with low price. We are professional Anti-slip aggregate ceramic manufactory in china. There are many projects in our home and abroad market. If you have any other technical problems, Pls feel free to contact with us, will give you professional support.

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Product Description

Wholesale Newest Anti-slip Aggregate Ceramic made in China.Harvest Enterprise is Anti-slip Aggregate Ceramic manufacturer and supplier in China. 

Part One: Production Process

A.Raw materials: After entering the factory, the glaze raw materials are selected and elutriated. The ingredients are weighed according to the production formula, and the balls are ground and crushed. After reaching the required fineness, iron is removed and sieved. Then, according to the different molding methods, the mechanism is used for molding Mud press filter dehydration, vacuum mud mud, standby; for chemical mud process, the mud is first press filtered and dehydrated, then by adding decoagulant to chemical slurry, iron removal, sieving, and standby; the slurry used for grouting is vacuum treated After that, it becomes the finished pulp, which is reserved.

B.Forming: divided into roll forming and grouting forming. Then dry, trim and set aside.

C.Firing: After obtaining the white body, enter the kiln for biscuit firing, after finishing, glazing, glaze firing, and selecting the ceramic particles after leaving the kiln to obtain qualified particles.

D.Color baking: the qualified ceramic particles are selected to obtain qualified finished products.

E.Packaging: The ceramic particles are packaged according to different matching methods and various requirements, that is, the final product is formed, and shipped or stored.

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Part Two: Detailed Informations 

A. Anti-slip Aggregate Ceramic is colorful and also the color is bright and lasting, which has changed the appearance of the original traditional road surface. The aggregate made of artificially synthesized high-grade materials is integrated in color and will not fade even if the aggregate is worn.

B.The anti-slip performance of the colored pavement has been strengthened: the aggregate we use is a synthetic material with a very high polishing value. The aggregate can be significantly increased on the existing pavement through a binder. Anti-skid performance of road surface in dry and rainy days.

C.High bonding strength of the pavement: The adhesive used in the color non-slip pavement belongs to organic and inorganic bonding materials. It has strong bonding strength for various materials, such as asphalt concrete, cement concrete, steel, and wood. Wide range.

D.The colored pavement is easy to construct and solidifies quickly: During the construction process, the disconnection time is relatively short, which is conducive to the construction of busy road sections or emergency repair projects in the city. It can be used in a normal temperature environment, which is more conducive to environmental protection, does not require large-scale machinery and equipment, and can be used in small areas.

E:Ceramic particles are a new type of pavement material commonly used, which is non-slip, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, low water absorption, bright in color and beautiful. Not only can it be used as a road surface material, it can also be used as a beautiful decoration. This material is not only colorful in colors, but also does not produce toxic side effects when used, so no matter where it is used, it will not Related items are influential and can create a good aesthetic experience for everyone.

china Anti-slip Aggregate Ceramic

Part Three: Advantages

This Anti-slip Aggregate Ceramic has many advantages as following:

1: Good anti-skid performance:

It can significantly increase the dry and rainy anti-skid performance of the pavement, shorten the braking distance by more than 40%, and reduce 75% of the road slippage. The color is rich and optional, the color is bright and lasting, and has a good visual and warning effect.

The ceramic particle pavement is thin and light, which will not increase the bearing burden of the bridge and pavement foundation

2: Good waterproof performance:

It has good waterproof performance. The surface of the pavement is closed and the rutting resistance is good. It reduces or prevents road cracking and improves the service life.

3: Reduce vehicle noise:

It absorbs sound waves, reduces noise by 6-7 decibels, and reduces noise by about 30%

4: Good corrosion resistance:

It has good tolerance to solvents such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and acid-base solutions

5: Low resistance, high temperature and aging performance, low cost:

The low-temperature physical properties of the ceramic particle pavement are good for use in severe cold areas. Excellent thermal aging performance, good high temperature stability, effectively extending the service life of the road. The construction cost is relatively low, which is 50% of other similar colored pavement solutions and reduces road slippage by 75%. The color is rich and optional, the color is bright and lasting, and has a good visual and warning effect.

Part Four: Construction Conditions

1. Construction of the sticky layer: The sticky layer is located between the asphalt oil surface layers, and the working surface is required to be dry. Adhesive layer oil is generally prepared with quick-cracking emulsifier and bitumen mixed with water, and the concentration is relatively thin. Pay attention to clean up pollutants during construction on sunny days, and ensure that the working surface is not wet after construction after rainy days.

2. Asphalt concrete surface layer construction: The surface layer construction should be carried out within 24 hours after the construction of the permeable layer and the sealing layer to avoid the permeable layer and the sealing layer from being wetted by the sudden rainfall, causing construction delays, while the middle and upper layers are in the sticky layer The construction should be followed immediately after oil spreading.

3. Construction conditions in rainy season: Construction in rainy season should avoid unfavorable construction weather such as rain, low temperature and strong wind, and the construction can be carried out when the working surface is dry.

Colored pavement has the characteristics of vivid color and stable chemical properties. At present, there are several major colors such as red, green and yellow, and color design can be carried out according to customer requirements

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