Anti-skid Colored Aggregates
  • Anti-skid Colored AggregatesAnti-skid Colored Aggregates
  • Anti-skid Colored AggregatesAnti-skid Colored Aggregates
  • Anti-skid Colored AggregatesAnti-skid Colored Aggregates
  • Anti-skid Colored AggregatesAnti-skid Colored Aggregates
  • Anti-skid Colored AggregatesAnti-skid Colored Aggregates

Anti-skid Colored Aggregates

Harvest Enterprise is a leading China Anti-skid Colored Aggregates manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Adhering to the pursuit of perfect quality of products, so that our Anti-skid Colored Aggregates have been satisfied by many customers. Anti-Skid Colored Aggregates are classified lower temperature type (which is produced under 900 ℃), and high temperature type (which is produced under 1380 ℃).Generally Lower temperature type Moh's hardness are not less than 7, High temerature type Moh's hardness are not less than 8.

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Product Description

Buy Hot Anti-skid Colored Aggregates made in China. Harvest Enterprise is Anti-skid Colored Aggregates manufacturer and supplier in China. 

Part One: Product Introduction

Anti-skid colored aggregates is a new type of pavement material. It is made of kaolin, feldspar, quartz and clay as the main raw materials, plus inorganic high-temperature toner, and fired at high temperature. The colors are red, yellow, green, and white. The modified emulsified resin is used as the adhesive. The material is set, the color porcelain particles are the color non-slip pavement paved with aggregate, which has the characteristics of non-slip, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, bright color, high-end and beautiful, non-fading, hard and fast, and long service life. It is made by firing the raw materials of porcelain materials to make the color. The water absorption is almost zero and the adhesion is strong. Does not peel off after friction. It can prevent the road from rising. High hardness and wear resistance, good durability, good anti-skid effect, and high safety performance. It has a good thermal insulation effect. In the past solvent series coatings, thermal insulation pigments and hollow vacuum ceramics are added to effectively exert the thermal insulation effect and prevent the road temperature from rising.

Anti-skid Colored Aggregates peice

Part Two: Application

1. Anti-skid colored aggregates is used for vehicle driving, the material requirements are relatively high, high-speed deceleration ports, on-board gas station platforms, bus platforms and other places have high requirements for road wear resistance and slip resistance. You can choose colorful ceramic slip roads with bright and beautiful colors. , All ceramic particles have the same color to ensure that they will not fade after long-term use.

2. It commonly used for cycling, bicycle lanes, walking spaces, scenic trails, community walkways, fitness trails, ecological garden greenways, pedestrian bridges, etc., green environmental protection requirements, increase the pavement slip coefficient, and choose the color. This pavement material uses high strength Inorganic color pavement and water-based color non-slip pavement meet the beautification function of the pavement while saving costs. The anti-slip effect is good and the walking comfort is increased.

Anti-skid Colored Aggregates factory

Part Three :Features of Ceramic Particles

1. Anti-skid Colored Aggregates is a modified epoxy resin polymer with excellent anti-aging ability. It is bonded with wear-resistant ceramics to form a strong and cushioning anti-wear layer. After curing, it has good water resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. High consistency, no collapse and no leakage, utilization rate as high as 98%, and its physical properties such as earthquake resistance, compression resistance, tensile resistance and impact resistance are good.

3. Absorb the movement caused by cold shrinkage, thermal expansion or wind, and the vibration caused by the conveying system or the batching system, which can fill up the cracks and enhance the strength and durability of the board in the maintenance project.

4. It can be cured at room temperature or by heating.

5. The maximum working temperature is 300℃ when used as a repair agent, and 250℃ when used as a structural bonding.

Anti-skid Colored Aggregates supplier

Part Four: Advantages

A. Improve road safety: After paving the color non-slip pavement on highway roads, its warning, guidance and anti-slip effects greatly improve the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. Especially when used on intersections, bridge decks, ramps, curves, bus lanes, sidewalks, steel plates, the effect is particularly outstanding.

B. Improve road capacity: The warning and guidance function of the colored non-slip pavement can prepare the driver in advance, plan the direction and speed of the vehicle, thus improving the road capacity. At the same time, safety is improved, the accident rate is low, and the congestion caused by accidents is also reduced, ensuring smooth roads.

C Rapid renovation and repair of damaged roads: The repair of damaged roads has always been a problem. Mainly because of the poor strength of traditional materials and long curing time. The color non-slip pavement of our company uses new polymer materials, which can be repaired and opened to traffic immediately, and has high strength and durability. After paving the colorful non-slip pavement, the old road will be as good as new immediately, which greatly extends the life of the road.

E. Road beautification: The colorful non-slip pavement has bright colors, and there are multiple colors of red, blue, yellow, green, and black for designers to match and pave according to different needs.

F. Economical and environmentally friendly: the construction of the colored non-slip pavement is simple and quick, low cost, labor and time saving, and can effectively extend the service life of the road, greatly reducing the cost of road renovation and road maintenance.

Part Five: Cleanup Before Use

1. The road surface is smooth, clean, dry and free of debris, but cracks or holes must be handled before construction, otherwise it will easily affect the paving effect of the particle road.

2. Clean up the oil accumulation, oil stains and other pollutants on the pavement, add proper detergent, and rinse with water. Even if it is stubborn, it must be cleaned or polished.

3. If the basic hardness of the colored ceramic particles is relatively high, sandblasting or milling is required, and then slightly polished. For those with poor foundation strength, you need to use a sander to grind. At the same time, you can use a through-reinforced primer to reinforce the foundation.

4. After processing, to ensure that the road surface is dry, it is recommended to use a hot compressed air machine to dry the road surface, and all solvents should be washed away.

5. Seal the edges with kraft paper or tape or wooden strips within the construction area, then measure the construction area and calculate the amount of resin. After the basic treatment of the colored ceramic particles, it can ensure that the colored ceramic particles have better effects and higher quality.

china Anti-skid Colored Aggregates

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