Color Road Ceramic Aggregate
  • Color Road Ceramic AggregateColor Road Ceramic Aggregate
  • Color Road Ceramic AggregateColor Road Ceramic Aggregate
  • Color Road Ceramic AggregateColor Road Ceramic Aggregate
  • Color Road Ceramic AggregateColor Road Ceramic Aggregate
  • Color Road Ceramic AggregateColor Road Ceramic Aggregate

Color Road Ceramic Aggregate

Harvest Enterprise is China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces Color Road Ceramic Aggregate with many years of experience. Color Road Ceramic Aggregates are Widely used in pedestrial crossings ,highway, airport, airport runway, railway station, subway, bus station, parking, parks, squares, schools, hotels, office buildings, and road pavement and marking. The product can also be used to construct the city landscape, landscape area, beautify the urban environment. It is the first choice on the currently market as new materials.

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Product Description

Factory Directly Color Road Ceramic Aggregate Made in China with Low Price. Harvest Enterprise is Color Road Ceramic Aggregate manufacturer and supplier in China.

Part One: Technical Data

Salt Spray Test

ASTM B117:2007a


Humidity resistance

GB/T 1740-2007


Chemical Resistance Test



Acid salt spray test



QUV B313

4Hour UV(50℃),4hour condensation (40℃)

1000h passed

Moh’S Hardness



Water absorption



Wear rate



Bulk density



Specific gravity



Color Road Ceramic Aggregate price

Part Two: Producing Steps

Material selection: Choose suitable raw glaze materials according to the production formula. After the ball is crushed to the required standard, iron is removed and sieved. Mud is dewatered by press filtration and dewatered in vacuum for mechanical molding; for chemical slurry process, the mud is first press-filtered and dewatered, and then decoagulant is added to the slurry, iron is removed and sieved for use; for grouting, the slurry is after vacuum treatment, it becomes the finished pulp, ready for use.

Forming: drying, trimming, spare.

Firing: After obtaining the white body, enter the kiln for biscuit firing, after finishing, glazing, glaze firing, and selecting the ceramic particles after leaving the kiln to obtain qualified particles.

Color baking: the qualified particles are selected to obtain qualified finished products.

Packaging: The Color Road Ceramic Aggregate is packaged according to different matching methods and various requirements, that is, the final product is formed, and shipped or stored.

Color Road Ceramic Aggregate supplier

Part Two: Advantages

This Color Road Ceramic Aggregate has various advantages:

A. Glue bonding strength.

The bonding agent must have sufficient bonding strength, because it not only needs to be firmly bonded to the substrate concrete or asphalt. It also needs to be firmly bonded to the colored particles (here refers to when the glue does not completely cover the colored particles) .

B. Curing and drying speed.

Colored non-slip pavement cannot be closed for a long time during construction. Therefore, the construction period is required to be short and fast. At this time, the adhesive must be dried quickly and have a suitable use period, so that the construction operation is more convenient.

C. The rate of increase in intensity.

After the construction of the colored non-slip pavement is completed, it will be officially opened soon, and there will be vehicles driving. Therefore, in order to reduce the time of closing the road to a shorter time, the strength of the adhesive is required to meet the requirements for use in a short time.

D. Impact resistance toughness.

Vibration occurs when the vehicle is driving on colored roads, and it will cause slight deformation over time. At this time, the bonding must not be brittle materials, because brittle materials can easily lead to cracks, bursts or fall off.

E. Outdoor weather resistance.

The color pavement is outdoors, so it must have good corrosion resistance, weather resistance and temperature difference resistance. Otherwise, the material will age, resulting in the loss of the original goodness and reduced service life.

Color Road Ceramic Aggregate factory

Part Three: Project Steps

Decontamination: remove dust, gravel and other debris within the construction scale.

Check: Use tape to maintain the construction scale, and the marking inspection hole also requires maintenance.

Primer: The foundation of cement pavement is only needed, and the foundation of asphalt pavement is not used.

Resin coating: spray ring curing resin or acrylic resin to coat the road surface.

Laying: Sprinkle colored sand evenly on the sprayed resin with a shovel or other tools.

Take back: After the resin has hardened, take back the colored sand that has not adhered to the resin.

Beautiful processing: external appearance deployment processing.

Part Four: Construction Notes

A. Requirements for the road base: If it is an asphalt base, the Anti-slip aggregate ceramic should be laid 2 months after the pavement is poured. If it is a concrete base, it is necessary to pave the ceramic particle non-slip pavement one month after the pavement is poured. The construction road should be smooth and dry. If the road is uneven, it will increase the use of materials

B. Cleaning of the road base: Use a high-pressure water gun to clean the road. After the road is dry, use a road vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer to remove all the dust and impurities on the road. If the road has potholes or damaged places, advanced repairs are required.

C. Sprinkle ceramic particles: Sprinkle the colored particles evenly on the special ground glue of the primer and completely cover the ground glue with a surplus. 5-6kg/m2

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