Cored Wire

Harvest Enterprise is a famous Chinese enterprise specializing in the production of coated wire, mainly producing CaSi Cored Wire, CaAl Cored Wire, CalFe Cored Wire, Pure Calcium Cored Wire and other products.

Main features of cored wire:

1.The cored wire can be used to adjust and control the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, which can greatly improve the alloy yield, shorten the smelting time, accurately control the composition, reduce the alloy consumption, and reduce the smelting cost.

2. The cored wire can play a role in purifying liquid steel and partially changing the properties and forms of inclusions, improving the castability of molten steel, improving the casting state, improving the performance of steel, and maximizing the quality of steel.

3. Thecored wire produced by our company is divided into internal pumping type and external discharging type. The feeding machinery and equipment are simple and reliable, and the floor area is small.

Benefits and results of cored wire:

1. Our company can produce various types and types of cored wire according to the different needs of customers. The cored wire can feed into the deeper part of the ladle, slow down or avoid splashing, and make calcium evenly distributed in the ladle, greatly improve the use efficiency of calcium wire, the recovery rate of calcium can be increased by 2-5 times, and the effect of removing inclusions is better, and the yield of steel is increased from 96% to more than 99%.

2. It can reduce the feeding amount of cored wire, save calcium treatment time, reduce the temperature loss in the process of calcium treatment of molten steel, and effectively improve the nitrogen and oxygen increase of molten steel during the treatment process.

3. The unstitched cored wire produced by our company has high efficiency, low cost, easy implementation and promotion. After the promotion and use, the steel output and quality are greatly improved, the cost input is reduced, and the economic and social benefits are significant.

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  • With the development of modern science and technology, the steel industry as the "skeleton" of the world industry, its position is becoming more and more important, and the steel quality requirements are more stringent, which is one of the effective ways to improve the quality of steel carburization desulfurization, seamless calcium Seamless Solid Calcium Cored Wire in which plays a very key role.

  • Wholesale quality discount High Purity Calcium Wire. Harvest Enterprise is High Purity Calcium Wire manufacturer and supplier in China. high purity calcium wire is the raw material of calcium core wire.

Harvest Enterprise is a professional Cored Wire manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality Cored Wire is not only made in China and we have stock and bulk products. Welcome to our factory to wholesale discount products.
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