C5 Petroleum Resin
  • C5 Petroleum ResinC5 Petroleum Resin
  • C5 Petroleum ResinC5 Petroleum Resin
  • C5 Petroleum ResinC5 Petroleum Resin
  • C5 Petroleum ResinC5 Petroleum Resin
  • C5 Petroleum ResinC5 Petroleum Resin

C5 Petroleum Resin

You can rest assured to buy C5 Petroleum Resin from Harvest Enterprise factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. C5 Petroleum Resin can be classified five type as per the different raw material. It is Mixed C5 Petroleum Resin, Aliphatic Petroleum Resin,DCPD Aliphatic Petroleum resin ,C5/C9 copolymer resin and C5 hydrogenated C5 Petroleum resin.

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Product Description

Wholesale low price C5 Petroleum Resin made in China. Harvest Enterprise is C5 Petroleum Resin manufacturer and supplier in China. 

Part one: Classification

C5 Petroleum Resin can be classified as five types as per the different raw material as following:

1.1 Mixed resin: First, the raw materials are divided into C5 fraction or unseparated C5 fraction. This is a common way to synthesize it. The entire production process is completed at high temperatures.

1.2 Aliphatic resin: The main component of C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resin is concentrated piperylene.It characterized by good heat resistance, better weather resistance, and lower softening point. It is compatible with non-polar polymers and incompatible with polar polymers.

1.3 DCPD aliphatic petroleum resin: the raw material is high-purity DCPD. This resin is an unsaturated resin with poor stability and cannot be used directly. However, it is the raw material for other advanced resins.

1.4 C5 / C9 copolymer resin: C5/C9 copolymer resin combines the advantages of both such as higher quality and lower price and will have broad prospects.

1.5 Hydrogenated modified resin: Hydrogenated resin is mainly used in hot melt adhesives, especially in the transparent hot melt adhesive industry, which can improve product quality and save production costs.

china C5 Petroleum Resin

Part Two: Applications

This C5 Petroleum Resin has been applied in many industries. 

2.1 Adhesive industry: for instance, automobile assembly, commodity packaging, binding, baby diapers, shoes industry, etc.

2.2 Additive industries: such as coatings, rubber, asphalt materials and medical industries, enhance the water resistance, acid and alkaline resistance, heat resistance, etc

2.3 Paper Industry: in general, C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resins are used as sizing agents in the paper industry to make emulsions. It is mixed with rosin or other maleic anhydride with active group, thus can be well used in paper industry.

C5 Petroleum Resin supplier

Part Three: Production Line

20 years history of manufacturing, advanced equipment, and strict production process guarantee that our product quality is stable and superior.

C5 Petroleum Resin factory

Part Four: Our Team Advantages

1. We are leading manufactory of these products, there are professional QC, R&D department in our factory, each batch products we will do the pre-inspection, Also the R&D department to study the market, and who are in charge of the supply the fresh products to the market. If you choose us, you will get the most advanced products

2. Generally, we supply the sample to customers for their testing, once they approve the sample, and then we produce the goods for customers. When this batch goods finished, we will also send this batch sample to our customers utile all are approved and then ship goods to customers.

3. We have our own REACH Registration Certificate, The tonnage band is over 1000tonnes/Year. SGS, BV, CQI, CCIC, and every Certificate of Origin, such as Form E, Form A, Form B, and ECFA, etc., all can be provided.

4. We can cooperate with customers to do any inspection including SGS inspection, CQI Inspection, BV Inspection, etc.

5. Until now, our products are exported to more than 30 countries. We learn more info. From our customers, also know the difference from the different countries, also catch the specialized info.from the different countries. If you choose us we will supply you with most professional advice. We can recommend the most suitable products for you and your company.

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