Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin
  • Hydrocarbon Petroleum ResinHydrocarbon Petroleum Resin
  • Hydrocarbon Petroleum ResinHydrocarbon Petroleum Resin
  • Hydrocarbon Petroleum ResinHydrocarbon Petroleum Resin
  • Hydrocarbon Petroleum ResinHydrocarbon Petroleum Resin
  • Hydrocarbon Petroleum ResinHydrocarbon Petroleum Resin

Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin

Harvest Enterprise as one of the professional China Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin manufacturers and China Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin factory, we are strong strength and complete management. Our Resin are including C5 Hydrocarbon Resin, C9 Hydrocarbon Resin and C5/C9 Copolymerized Hydrocarbon Resin.Our resin own the following trait:
1.Can supply the products from color 0 to color 14.
2.Soften point is from 80 degree to 140 degree.
3.factory directly supply the goods

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Product Description

Hot Sale China Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin Free Sample Manufacturers and Suppliers. Harvest Enterprise is Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin manufacturer and supplier in China.

Part One: Product Introduction

Hydrocarbon Petroleum Resin is made of petroleum derivatives. It characterizes for its low acid value, good miscibility, water resistance, ethanol resistance and chemical resistance. It is usually yellow solid particle. It has a wide range applications.

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Part Two: Applications

A. Paint industry: High soft point resin is widely used in the coating industry. It can increase the gloss of the final product, increase the hardness of the paint film, and enhance the acid and alkali resistance of the paint film.

B. Tire and rubber industry: Low softening point resin is widely used in tires and rubber. The resin has good mutual solubility with natural rubber colloidal particles, which plays a role in viscosity, strengthening and softening. It can not only enhance the adhesion between the rubber particles, but also increase the adhesion between the rubber particles and the tire code, which is more suitable for high-quality rubber products.

C. Adhesive industry: As we all know, it has good adhesion. In the production of glue or pressure-sensitive adhesive cloth and other tapes, if it is mixed and used, the adhesive strength can be improved, acid resistance, alkali resistance and increase water resistance. The most important thing is to effectively reduce production costs.

D. Ink industry: In this industry, C9 petroleum resin with high softening point is usually used, and the softening point is usually 120 degrees to 140 degrees. If we add it to the ink, the final product will have important functions such as quick-drying and brightening. The resin can help save production costs.

E. Coating industry: There is usually a C5 hydrocarbon resin, which is widely used in road signs and hot-melt road sign paints. The main advantages are light color, good fluidity, higher wear resistance, better thermal stability, hardness and quick drying. Compared with other resins, our resins have more special functions. Not only can it enhance the toughness, hardness and adhesion of the final product, but it can even make the final product no longer popular throughout the year. Our resin can also be widely used in high-end coatings and coatings industries. 

F. Others: The petroleum resin itself is an unsaturated resin, and it can also be widely used in paper glue and plastic modifiers.

Part Three: Production line 

20 years history of manufacturing, advanced equipment, and strict production process guarantee that our product quality is stable and superior.

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Part Four: QC and R&D

1. There is a professional R&D department in our factory, each year we invest much to study the new products in order to meet the market requirement. Such as we are leading lighter color producer.

2. Our QC can 100% approve the customers own the qualified products. Each batch goods have strictly tested before shipment to our customers.

Part Five: Handling and Storage

1. Handling: Keep away from fire and heat source, Smoking is strictly prohibited in the workplace, Lightly loaded and lightly discharge. The workplace should prepare fire equipment.

2. Storage: It is should be stored in a cool ventilated place, far away from Fire, far away from the heat source, It is forbidden to use the tool or equipment which easy to spark.

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Part Six: How to Guarantee Good Quality

1. There are professional QC in our company, generally before shipping the cargo goods, generally we send twice sample to our customers at least. First, we send the sample to our customers for testing, when it approved, we produce the goods as per the customers’ requirement; when the cargo goods finished, we will send the cargo goods sample to customers, when all approved will arrange ship the goods. Even some customers do not need a sample, we also send the QC department test report for the customer approved.

2. We can accept any third-party quality testing. Such as BV, SGS, CQI, etc.

3. We are an ISO9001 enterprise. If you choose us once time, we approve to you that we will be your fixed supplier forever.

4. We attend the industry fair each year, such as Canton fair, china coating, DubaiBig5, etc. Hope we can meet each other

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Part Seven: Package


2. Generally 17MT in one 20feet container no pallet;15-16MT in one 20feet container with pallet

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